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Nagawicka Lake

Lakefront living is a dream for many people pursuing a more outdoor-oriented lifestyle or just some peace, quiet, and privacy. In Wisconsin, one of the most sought-after locations is Nagawicka Lake, which is found within the boundaries of the City of Delafield and the Village of Nashotah.

Read on to learn more about Nagawicka Lake and what it’s like to live here.

About Nagawicka Lake, WI

Lake View

One characteristic of Nagawicka Lake is that it has a number of sandbars, particularly west of St. John’s Island. This feature is where the lake’s name was derived; “nagaway” means “sand,” and “nagawicka” means “a lot of sand” in the language of the Potawatomi and Ojibwe, though the current popular meaning of the name is “a lot of sand.”

Nagawicka Lake grew in popularity in the 1880s, when the lake became a beloved summer getaway and people began to build vacation homes in the area.

In the 1890s, when interest in sailing increased, people discovered that the waters of Nagawicka Lake were well suited to the sport. Thus, the area experienced a boom in visitors who were keen on sailing and other water sports.

Since then, Nagawicka Lake has remained a beloved spot for those who enjoy outdoor activities and water sports, including buyers interested in the Nagawicka Lake real estate market to build or buy a vacation property that they can visit regularly to relax or create memories with their families.

Lifestyle and Activities in Nagawicka Lake, WI

Nagawicka Lake

The northwest corner of Waukesha County is home to Wisconsin’s Lake Country. The name is well deserved, because the area has about 140 lakes, with Nagawicka Lake being one of them.

Nagawicka Lake is popular for the many activities available in and around the lake year round. The lake spans 981 acres and has a maximum depth of 90 feet, with an average depth of 36 feet. It’s a popular fishing spot as it’s home to bluegill, crappie, largemouth bass, northern pike, perch, panfish, smallmouth bass, walleye, and white bass.

The lake is also a popular spot for canoeing, water skiing, swimming and sailing. Moreover, the northern part of the lake houses a habitat for birds, thus offering wonderful birding opportunities.

The surrounding area also offers numerous opportunities to enjoy nature. Start by visiting Naga-Waukee Park in Hartland. This lake spans more than 200 acres and is one of the eight Waukesha County Parks. It features a large multipurpose field, trails, and a boardwalk that takes you to the beach at Nagawicka Lake. It also has a public boat launch.

The nearby communities also host a number of events and activities that put you close to the beauty of the lake. For example, the Waukesha Blues Festival is held every summer at Naga-Waukee Park, where festival goers are treated to live performances of some of the best local practitioners of the musical style.

The Lake Country Art Festival is another annual community event that’s worth checking out. It’s also held at Naga-Waukee Park and is a fundraising event for the Delafield Lions. Featuring more than 70 exhibitors and artists specializing in textiles, jewelry, painting, woodworking, photography, and more, it’s an inspiring showcase of local talent. It’s also a wonderful opportunity to support local charities.

You can also check out the Nagawicka Lake Yacht Club, which has a history in the area spanning decades. Take sailing classes here. Be a spectator or participate in the Wisconsin Championship Regatta, which takes place every summer.

Aside from being a recreational haven, Nagawicka Lake is also called home by those who work in Milwaukee. The lake is located just off Interstate 94 and Highway 83, thus being easily accessible from anywhere in Waukesha County and Milwaukee, the latter being only about 35 minutes away. Those who live in proximity to the beauty and beneficial effects of Nagawicka Lake can count themselves lucky. Easy access to the lake means it isn’t hard to feel like one is always on holiday.

Communities Around Nagawicka Lake, WI

If you’re looking into settling near the lake, the following are a few of the nearest cities and communities around Nagawicka Lake where you can start your search for Nagawicka Lake homes for sale.

  • Delafield

    This small city of less than 8,000 residents was established in 1837 and named after Dr. Charles Delafield of Milwaukee. Located around 6 miles southwest of Nagawicka Lake, or a 15-minute drive, Delafied is known for being warm and tight-knit. One of the major pluses to living in Delafield is the easy access to outdoor recreation. Delafield is served mostly by the Kettle Moraine School District, though a portion of it is served by the Lake Country School District and Arrowhead Union High School District.

  • Hartland

    Located a little over 5 miles away from Nagawicka Lake, Hartland is a quaint village located along the Bark River and is home to just a little over 9,500 people. Considered one of the best places to live in Wisconsin, Hartland is known for being peaceful and great for raising a family. It is served by the Lake Country School district and hosts many community events, such as street dances and parades. It has a number of restaurants and family-owned boutiques.

  • Nashotah

    Despite having been around since the middle of the nineteenth century, Nashotah was incorporated only in 1957 and is known as the gateway to Lake Country, bordering Nagawicka Lake. The name “Nashotah” means “twins,” which is fitting because the village was named after the nearby Upper and Lower Nashotah Lakes. Up until the 1990s, the village had about only 600 residents; and slightly up to over 1,300 as of 2020. Best of all, Nashotah is just 1.4 miles northwest of Nagawicka Lake. In Nashotah, The Red Circle Inn holds the distinction of being the oldest restaurant in Wisconsin. It first opened in 1848 as The Nashotah Inn by Francis Schraudenbach. It was purchased in 1889 by Captain Fred Pabst, who then renamed it Red Circle Inn in a nod to his brewing company, Pabst Brewing Co.

If you’re in the market for Nagawicka Lake homes for sale, these communities are a great starting point for your search. You can typically find single-family homes and even lakefront properties in the area. Inquire about homes for sale in these areas from The Spheeris Team.

Benefits of Lakefront Living in Nagawicka Lake, WI

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With Nagawicka Lake being bordered by a number of towns, you’ll no doubt find lakefront properties among the available Nagawicka Lake homes for sale. Lakefront living is an appealing option for many people. Aside from the obvious benefit of letting you experience stunning views every day, lakefront living offers the following advantages:

  1. Your health can get a huge boost

    Living by the lake promises fresh air and open spaces, both of which are known to improve one’s physical and mental health. Living near water is also greatly beneficial to your overall health and happiness. In addition, lakefront living generally means you’re close to nature, and having access to green spaces, trails, and nature in general encourages physical activity – which means another bonus for your health.

  2. Peace and relaxation are always within reach

    Modern living can get loud and hectic. Living near a lake and basically amidst nature encourages you to slow down, live more mindfully, and get back in touch with what’s important to you. Lakefront living also usually means being in a less crowded location, meaning you have a lot of space for you and your family only, guaranteeing privacy and peace of mind. If you continue to work remotely, it’s hard to beat a home office by the lake.

  3. You can enjoy recreational activities on the lake anytime you want

    Some Nagawicka Lake homes for sale are built specifically with lakefront living in mind, and that usually means having your own deck, boat launch, boathouse, and opportunities to go swimming just outside your front door. You can also go boating and canoeing anytime the mood strikes.

  4. You’re living with like-minded folk

    People opt to live by the lake for the same reasons – privacy, relaxation, proximity to nature, and more. Which is why you can be certain that your neighbors will work as hard as you will to maintain the quality of life in the area and ensure that the community remains safe and peaceful.

  5. Your property values will continue to rise

    If you’re looking for Nagawicka Lake homes for sale, you might not necessarily be thinking of how much value your property will garner over time; your priority right now is securing a home for you and your family. But it’s comforting to know that your investment in your home will continue to benefit you down the line, especially that lake homes are necessarily limited in number.

Tips for Buying a Waterfront Home

Waterfront Home

If you’re already sold on the idea of looking at houses for sale on Nagawicka Lake, WI, you might need a few extra tips to make sure your search goes smoothly and that you’re able to choose the best home for you. Like buying any home, buying lakefront properties has its own set of challenges, and so does living near water and in nature.

Here are a few guidelines that could help you throughout the process.

  1. Decide why you’re buying a lakefront home

    Are you going to use it as a vacation home, or as your primary home? Will you be using it seasonally and renting it out the rest of the time? Answering these questions will help narrow down your choices to only the types of homes that have all the amenities that suit your purpose.

  2. Consider the accessibility of the property

    How are the roads leading to the home? Are there multiple points of access to and from the property? It’s wonderful to be surrounded by nature, but you don’t want to be completely isolated in case of an emergency.

  3. Determine how close schools, hospitals, entertainment, and dining options are

    Again, as nice as it is to live far away from busy, hectic areas, you still want easy access to assorted services and conveniences.

  4. Find out if there is a lake association

    In some locations, residents of lakefront homes need to be members of a lake association. Members are charged with the responsibility of doing their part to help keep the lake pristine and healthy.

  5. Look into the types of home insurance you need

    Proximity to water means that the property is exposed to possible damage from things like humidity, storms, and floods. Consider investing in additional insurance policies with specialized protection.

  6. Keep in mind that a lakefront home requires more maintenance

    Regular exposure to moisture means your lakefront home will be more susceptible to damage. Aside from that, you also have to keep your dock and break wall in good condition.

Lakefront living comes with terrific benefits but a lake home needs special upkeep to make sure you and your family can continue enjoying it in safety and comfort throughout the years. Regular care and maintenance will also mean a higher resale value should you decide to market it in the future.

Find Your Home in Nagawicka Lake, Wi With the Spheeris Team

The Spheeris Team

Living near Nagawicka Lake introduces you to unique communities and provides you with the peace and relaxation you need, even as you’re never far from the employment, entertainment, dining, and shopping options in Milwaukee less than 30 minutes away.

Nagawicka Lake homes for sale generally include single-family properties directly along the lake or nearby. They sit on expansive lots and are sheltered by mature trees. With prices ranging from $400,000 to more than $1 million, Nagawicka Lake property for sale includes newer construction, older homes with updated features, and fixer-uppers that you can tailor to your vision.

Jon Spheeris and his team are standing by to help you find the right Nagawicka Lake home for you. Jon makes sure to provide a personal touch during every transaction and that each client enjoys the process of purchasing a home. As a Lake Country resident, Jon has unparalleled breadth and depth of knowledge in the area. He customizes his approach to accommodate the needs and expectations of his clients, but he always applies to each transaction an exceptional attention to detail and the ability to build strong relationships with his clients.

Contact Jon and his team today at 262.490.5558 or contact them here to find out more about houses for sale on Nagawicka Lake, WI.

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