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Lac La Belle

Homes for sale in Lac La Belle WI

Lac La Belle, WI is one of Wisconsin’s hidden gems located between Milwaukee and Madison, and it’s easy to see why. This tranquil village sits alongside a breathtaking lake and serves as a testament to the beauty of Wisconsin’s countryside. Living here allows you to enjoy nature while still being close enough to commute to major cities nearby, such as Oconomowoc and Hartland.

There’s so much to know about this lovely lakeside village in Waukesha County. Read on and delight in the pleasant treats Lac La Belle has in store for both visitors and locals, as well as the real estate opportunities that are well within the interested home buyer’s reach here.

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Lac La Belle covers a total area of 1.03 square miles with an elevation of 856 feet. At these altitudes, one can expect cool weather for the most part of the year with temperatures topping during the summer at around 82°F and dropping during wintertime at roughly 10°F. 

Community life and other recreational activities in Lac La Belle center around the lake. After all, Lac La Belle literally means “beautiful lake.” With its beautiful waters, abundant aquatic resources, and rich greenery surrounding it, Lac La Belle really stands up to its name. In fact, the lake is one of the largest lakes in Waukesha County.  


Lac La Belle has always been a primarily residential area with a rural vibe. Original residents were wealthy urban families from Milwaukee, Chicago, and St. Louis who owned summer homes here. As time passed, not much changed in the maintenance of Lac La Belle as a strictly residential village, even as homeowners became more permanent settlers in the area. 

While Lac La Belle continues to keep the community’s growth at a controlled pace, it has recently annexed two parcels of land where the Rolling Hills Country Club and the Olin-Sang-Ruby Union Institute stand today. 

Resident profile 

Lac La Belle is one of the most sparsely populated Villages in Waukesha County, with less than 300 residents. In fact, the Village is the 593rd most populated city in the state out of 804 cities. A huge chunk of the population here consists of active retirees, given the median age in the community which is 53.4 years old. 

Lac La Belle’s residents have a higher-than-average income and educational attainment. In fact, the town is home to many successful entrepreneurs, businessmen, executives, and young urban sophisticates. A majority (69.8%) of these residents have earned a college diploma while around 28% of them have pursued post-grad studies. 

Interestingly, a good number of Lac La Belle’s population has European ancestry, with those having German roots dominating the lot (42.8%). So, don’t be surprised when you overhear people talking in German or Yiddish here.


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Lac La Belle is a small and affluent village located 38 miles west of Milwaukee. It is perched on approximately three miles of land along the shores of the lake with the same name. While the lake itself is one of the largest ones in the county, the town itself is sparsely populated. 

November 2020 data from show the median price of homes in Lac La Belle, WI at $615,000. However, experts predict homes here to be currently priced at a range from $1.8 to more than $2 million, given factors like the pandemic-induced market rush and the advent of the remote work concept. 

Many homebuyers who searched for Lac La Belle homes for sale were from Chicago, Madison, and Los Angeles. And about 76% of Lac La Belle homebuyers chose to stay in the town’s main metropolitan area. 

Common property types 

If you’re looking to buy a single-family home in a quiet and peaceful part of Waukesha County, you will love the Village of Lac La Belle. Single-family homes dominate the housing scene here due to the strict building regulations originally set for Lac La Belle which only allowed the construction of homes that could accommodate two families at most. Moreover, single-family homes in Lac La Belle have been built fairly recently, having been constructed from 1970 to the turn of the millennium. But some of the oldest homes here have been built as early as 1940. 

Note, though, that the era of single-family home dominance in Lac La Belle may have shifted. This could be due to the decision of more seasonal vacationers to convert their second homes into their primary residences, plus the migration of people to more rural setups with spacious homes, spectacular natural settings, internet connectivity, and access to modern conveniences. 

Given the more diverse resident profile since 2020, even the housing options in Lac La Belle have diversified. Rental options are now available here, so expect a spattering of apartment complexes and high-rise condominiums added to the array of homes here.

In terms of home size, Lac La Belle only knows two: medium and large. Medium-sized homes here have three to four bedrooms while the large ones have five or more.

Common architectural styles 

Considering the affluence of Lac La Belle as a community, it’s not surprising that homes you’ll find here come in a plethora of architectural styles. Here are some of them. 


Ranch-style homes originated in the mid-1930s and became the style of choice for many American homes in the 1950s. These homes typically have one story and a low-pitched roof.

A variation of this style is the Raised Ranch which adds a garage on the basement level. The main entrance of Raised Ranch homes is also on the upper level. 


Primarily inspired by Prairie or Craftsman homes, Bungalows became popular across the country at the turn of the century, especially in California. These have dormer roofs – little rooms that project from a roof that expand a room’s space and allow more sunlight to stream in. Typically constructed with only one level, some Bungalows may have a half-floor added to them. 

Cape Cod

Houses in the Cape Cod or Colonial Revival style are relatively small and symmetrical. These houses typically have 1 1/2 stories and have entrances at the center of the home. The roofs are typically side-gabled, while the attic can have a finished living space. 


Also known as the Modern or International style, the Contemporary style comes in many shapes and forms, from Shed to Art Deco. The Contemporary home style is the brainchild of master architect Frank Llyod Wright. Homes in this fashion are designed to be functional, open, and light. 

Tudor or Provincial

Tudor or Provincial-style homes are easy to spot because of their unique design. The upper half of the home’s exterior would be decorated with timber, stucco, or masonry veneer while the lower portion would be brick-laden. These homes have steeply pitched roofs and tall, narrow, multi-pane windows. Many homes in the Tudor style are also side-gabled. 


Colonial-style homes generally have a box-like appearance and would usually have two or three stories. South and Central Wisconsin have a wide variety of Colonial-style homes from the Dutch style to the Salt-box style. 


Opulence, elaborate details, and complex shapes were the trademarks of Victorian-style homes which were very popular during the reign of British monarch Queen Victoria (1837-1901). Variations of this style include Queen Anne and Folk Victorian. The facade of these homes is asymmetrical and the roofs are often steeply pitched. Some Victorian homes show influences from Greek, Gothic, and Italianate styles.

National Folk or Farm House

The National Folk or Farm House style is a popular architectural style from the late 19th century. These homes feature a very practical design with a common gable front roof and a family wing.  Farm Houses and National Folk houses are influenced by Greek Revival and Victorian styles.

Prairie or Craftsman

The Prairie and the Craftsman styles may differ in terms of their lines and styling, but homes in these styles typically have similar features, such as low-pitched roofs. Frank Lloyd Wright also used the Prairie style often and this featured enclosed overhanging eaves. Meanwhile, Craftsman-style homes were inspired by the Arts and Crafts movement and featured gables and exposed roof rafters. 


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Lac La Belle is a tight-knit community with many gorgeous sights to see and exciting activities to enjoy. If you’re planning on moving to this peaceful village in Waukesha County, here are some things that will help you to understand what it is like living here.


With the profile of residents living here and the prime waterfront properties that line the lake, it can be safe to assume that the village of Lac La Belle is an affluent one. Another testament to that fact is the high local median household income ($177,083) which makes Lac La Belle part of the upper 15% of the wealthiest American neighborhoods to date. 

As for the cost of living in Lac La Belle, the index for this area is 81.7 points higher than the national average and 92.7 points higher than the rest of Wisconsin. A strong factor behind this is the average price of homes here which is currently listed at way past $1 million. This is to be expected, given that home values here have been historically high. 

Nevertheless, for its high cost of living, Lac La Belle offers its residents the finest quality of life, especially with the range of outdoor attractions and activities all within their reach, as well as peaceful natural surroundings. One can be so immersed in the natural beauty of Lac La Belle that they can easily let go of things that bring about stress. And yet, less than an hour’s drive going southeast can take them to nearby urban centers like Oconomowoc and Hartland.

Schools and education

All educational institutions in Lac La Belle are part of the Oconomowoc Area School District. Grade schools and middle schools here include Greenland Elementary, Ixonia Elementary School, and Nature Hill Intermediate School. Meanwhile, Oconomowoc High School is the nearest public high school to the area. 

As for private schools and institutions near Lac La Belle, there’s the University Lake School in Hartland, St. John’s Northwestern Academies in Delafield, and Luther Preparatory School in Watertown. 

Attractions and recreational activities

Old friend drinking near the lake

Lac La Belle is known far and wide as a favorite vacation spot among the wealthy set due to its proximity to the lake and the masterful planning of the community. These people keep coming back here for the following attractions and recreational activities in and around the lake. 

Public parks and lands

Visitors can use the public boat landing to get into the lake. Alternatively, visitors can choose to explore the three public lands and parks within 1,000 feet of the lake, namely the City Park, Chaffee Road Park, or Blain Street Park. 

Lac La Belle Lake

There’s plenty of fish to catch for everyone in Lac La Belle, including panfish, bass, northern pike, and walleye. Catch-and-release fishing for largemouth and smallmouth bass is open all year round unless otherwise advised by the local government. Visitors looking to fish in the area are advised to check the local Department of Natural Resources website on fishing regulations and local boating ordinances before visiting.  

The Club at Lac La Belle

Enjoy a game or two of golf at The Club at Lac La Belle. The Club is Wisconsin’s oldest and most challenging golf course. Established in 1896, this exclusive club features 18 holes of golf access and practice facilities. The golf course has been reinvigorated by the Morse family and redesigned by prolific architect, Craig Haltom. 

Lac La Belle Yacht Club

One can also find a thriving yachting community at the Lac La Belle Yacht Club, which was established in 1878. For generations, the yacht club has been providing a warm and friendly place for people to gather and participate in fun social events at Lac La Belle. 

City Beach

Spanning 3 acres, this neighborhood park on the south shore of Lac La Belle is a common area for community residents to bond with their respective families or to engage in jogging and biking. This park’s amenities include a community center building, playground, swimming beach, band shell, watercraft rentals, picnic areas, and more. 

Camp Olin-Sang-Ruby Union Institute

The Olin-Sang-Ruby Union Institute (OSRUI) serves as a community and campground for the Reform Judaism community. Camp programs focus on athletics, arts, adventure, and nature. 

Dining destinations 

Lac La Belle and its nearby environs in the Oconomowoc area are also the best places for a memorable culinary adventure. Here are some of the most popular ones:

Schwefel’s Restaurant

A community with predominantly German ancestry will be looking forward to a taste of home, and Schwefel’s Restaurant is the answer to their cravings. Specializing in American and German cuisine, this family-owned restaurant makes all its meals from scratch, from dressings and soups to mains. Schwefel’s serves lunch, dinner, and Sunday brunch. 

The Etcetera Bar and Grill

If you’re looking for a family-friendly place that’s right by the waters of the Lac La Belle, this fun rooftop restaurant is just the perfect destination for you. Their menu features a wide selection of American classics, from juicy burgers with homemade chips on the side to grilled or crispy chicken sandwiches. The restaurant serves breakfast, lunch, dinner, and Sunday brunch.

Roots Coffeebar & Cafe

The Roots Coffeebar and Cafe in Downtown Oconomowoc provides a laid-back atmosphere where you can play board games with friends or discuss office operations with colleagues at work. This cafe offers a variety of drinks from coffee, teas, smoothies, and sodas to headier spirits like beer and wine. Food selections like baked goods, sandwiches, and even vegetarian options are available. 

Bella Gusto Italian Market and Deli

Craving Italian food? Look no further than Bella Gusto Italian Market and Deli. The place is your one-stop shop for everything Italian. It’s a restaurant, deli, and marketplace all in one. Definite must-tries are the pasta and pizzas like their traditional spaghetti and The Nate Meat Supreme signature pizza. Also on the menu is the lighter version of the pizza which they call pinsa.

Lago Su Bella

This is not simply another Italian restaurant in Oconomowoc – it’s one that offers both molto delizioso dishes and spectacular lakeside views to its patrons. Visiting the restaurant is already an experience as you can watch your orders being prepared by the in-house chef in the open-concept kitchen. Good food, heady wine, and exciting cocktails will keep you coming back for more.


Purchasing any of the homes for sale in Lac La Belle, WI provides the distinct experience of small-town living combined with great thrills from the many recreational activities you can enjoy with your family by the lake. You can take advantage of this idyllic lakeside lifestyle, too, with the help of Coldwell Banker Elite’s The Spheeris Team

The Spheeris Team is not just a family working together in Wisconsin real estate – they are also top-notch Realtors in their own right. Taking the helm of operations is Jon Spheeris who has been in the industry for more than 40 years. With his wife, Lucine, and his two sons, Matt and Alex, they comprise a solid team specializing in lake and luxury properties in Wisconsin’s Lake Country area. They bring to the table their exceptional client-centered service and in-depth knowledge of the area to make sure that you know all your options in the home-buying process and that you get solutions to the challenges this real estate transaction brings. 

Reach out to The Spheeris Team and start your goal toward Lac La Belle homeownership today! Call 262.490.8874 or send a message   here. 

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